Newspaper articles, TV programs and radio reports

released in the U.S. and Great Britain after November 25, 2019


Newspaper articles, TV programs and radio reports released in the U.S. and Great Britain after November 25, 2019
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Jens Soering: “Legally I am a double murderer. That is hard to live with”

December 5, 2021 — The Sunday Times (London, U.K.) — by Rosie Kinchen

Freedom feels different to different people, but to Jens Soering it is the awkward ridges in a concrete pavement. Prison floors are incredibly smooth, he says, and anyone who has spent as long inside as he has — 33 years — forgets they need to lift their feet off the ground. It is just one of the things he has had to adjust to in the two years since he was released from the Virginia state prison system, where he was serving two life sentences.


Why a Man Convicted of Killing his Girlfriend‘s Parents Claims He Made a False Confession

Dr. Phil Show — October 23, 2020

Photo by Jana Tolle

The Too-Steep Climb to Righting Wrongful Convictions

March 27, 2020 — Crime Story — by Amanda Knox and Christopher Robinson

For thirty-three long years—longer than I’ve been alive—Jens Soering pleaded his innocence, losing appeal after appeal, being denied parole fourteen times. I only became aware of his plight in 2018, when I devoted a season of my podcast, The Truth About True Crime, to his story. There were so many strange parallels between our cases, I started to see Jens as the version of myself who never got out. 

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A New Chapter in a Double-Murder Case

December 21, 2019 — The New Yorker — by Nathan Heller

On November 25th, after rejecting fourteen parole requests from Jens Soering and many other routes to extradition, the state of Virginia granted both him and Haysom parole, conditional on their respective deportations to Germany and Canada. On Monday night, Soering was loaded onto a jet, and on Tuesday he landed in Frankfurt, where he was greeted by German supporters and turned back into the world after more than thirty-three years behind bars.

Photo by Jana Tolle

Jens Soering Begins New Life in Germany

December 17, 2019 — Radio IQ — by Sandy Hausman

Jens Soering is back in Germany this morning – paroled after more than 33 years behind bars. Before leaving, Soering gave an exclusive interview to Radio IQ’s Sandy Hausman who has covered his case for nearly a decade. Full interview: 38 minutes.

Photo by Jana Tolle

A Look Back at One of Virginia‘s Most Controversial Crimes

November 26, 2019 — Radio IQ — by Sandy Hausman

After 33 years behind bars, Jens Soering is headed back to Germany. He has campaigned tirelessly for his freedom – insisting he did not kill his girlfriend’s parents in their home near Lynchburg. The governor has refused his request for a pardon, but Virginia’s parole board agreed to release him and the woman convicted of serving as an accomplice.  After covering this story for nearly a decade, Sandy Hausman looks back on the case.

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