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I released a parallel version of this YouTube video in Germany. In the video’s comment section, as well as in various blogs, etc., viewers asked me questions about the DNA tests, which I have answered (in English) here.


My YouTube Video about DNA Tests

On June 28, 2022, two podcast producers claimed they had convinced the prosecutor of Bedford County, Wesley Nance, to sign a petition for new DNA tests. The only thing missing now was my signature, and then the ball could get rolling — but I “refused” to sign.

The final episode of the podcast suggests that I’m afraid my DNA could be found. But that is not true! In fact, I wrote the prosecutor to ask for DNA tests, and he wrote me several long emails to explain why new tests aren’t possible. You can read our email-exchange below.

The implicit accusation made against me in the podcast is grossly unfair. I want to express my gratitude to prosecutor Wesley Nance for explaining the facts and the law in an impartial, objective way. If only he had been the prosecutor in Bedford County in 1990, when I was put on trial! And if only the podcast had treated me as fairly as he did …

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(Prof. Dr. Schanfield is introduced at minute 7.)

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