Mental strength

Nothing is impossible. I’ve proven that many times over.

My secret? Mental strength. Inner power.

If you would like to develop these qualities as well, I can show you the way — with a comprehensive concept that we can adapt to your individual situation.

I developed my strategies in prison and tested them on myself. They helped me survive hell-on-earth and ultimately led me to freedom. My methods will also help you.

Are you trapped in a toxic relationship? 

I was. My first girlfriend cost me 33 years behind bars. In prison, I had time to educate myself on the topics of manipulation, psychopathy, and personality disorders. I can help you free yourself from false love and open yourself to true love.

Is your boss a sadistic creep, your co-workers conniving hypocrites? 

I’m familiar with workplace environments like that. Though my “bosses” (the guards) and my “co-workers” (the other prisoners) were probably even more unpleasant than yours. But I managed to survive and even thrive in that environment. I can help you swim with the sharks without getting eaten.

Are you stuck in a hopeless situation? 

I was. For three years I was under direct threat of the death penalty, and for thirty years I had no realistic prospect of release. But in the face of death and hopelessness, I still found a path forward. I can help you find your way back to the meaning of your life. 

Basically, it’s always about the same questions:

How do I find my lost sense of self-worth?

How do I find the strength to say “no?”

How do I find a goal, a logos for my life?

I offer coaching on all of these questions and topics — in the US only online, elsewhere in person as well.


I welcome all serious inquiries.

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