Mental strength

Prepare yourself for upcoming crises – 

with my seven-point-plan for resilience and courage

War, COVID, climate change … inflation, political division, recession … on every side, there are dangers that seem to threaten our future. What can you do today to prepare?

Stocking up on MREs in your basement is probably not a bad idea. But even more important are the inner skills you can use to overcome crises. Mental strength, resilience, courage for the future.

This mental strength can be learned. I myself had to develop it during my 33-year incarceration in order to survive and fight my way free.

My seven-point plan is based on my decades of experience on the one hand, and on resilience research on the other. I can show you not only what to do, but also exactly how. 

No one knows what the future will bring. But with my mental toolkit you will acquire the skills to handle any crisis effectively.


I welcome all serious inquiries.

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